Setting Up Outlook 2013 with Microsoft Exchange 2010

This article will assist you with getting Outlook 2013 setup with Exchange 2010.

1. Open the side charms by moving your mouse to the top right of the screen. Then click Search. Search for Mail then click on Settings. ( for Windows 7 and below go to Start -> Control Panel and search for Mail)

2. On the left side of the screen click on Mail.

3. The Profile Name can be anything you would like. Select Manual setup or additional server types. Select Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service. Then, click Next.

4. In the new window click Show Profiles.

5. Click Show Profiles..., then click Add.

6. Use the following information:

  • Server: outlook
  • User Name: your full email address
  • Offline Settings - Use Cached Exchange Mode (Optional): By default this setting is enabled and set to 3 Months. Note: If enabled: Outlook will save a copy of your email on the computer.
  • Click on More Settings...

Mail to keep offline is how long the mail will be store on the computer before it is deleted. Mail will NOT be deleted off the server.

7. Click on the Advanced tab. Check the box for Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP and click on Exchange Proxy Settings...

8. Use the following information:

Check the boxes for:

  • Connect using SSL only
  • Only connect to proxy servers...
  • On fast networks,...
  • On slow networks,...

 - For the first text field type in: “
 - For the second text field type in: "
 - Change Proxy authentication to: Basic Authentication

  9. Click OK then click Apply, OK and Check Name.

10. Enter your Email and Password, then click Next and Finish.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup out Outlook 2013 with your Exchange 2010 email!

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