EnsureMail incoming & outgoing server setting options

We at PracticalHost like to give our customers the ability to choose from a variety settings.
Below is a list of optional server settings for you to choose from when setting up your email client. To use a secure connection, be sure to use the settings marked with "SSL." To learn more about the differences between IMAP & POP, please see the article Imap Vs. POP.

Incoming Server Type            Server Name                    Port Number
POP3                                     pop.emailsrvr.com               110
IMAP                                      imap.emailsrvr.com             143
POP3 w/SSL                          secure.emailsrvr.com          995
IMAP w/SSL                           secure.emailsrvr.com          993
SMTP                                     smtp.emailsrvr.com             25, 587, 8025, 2525
SMTP w.SSL                          secure.emailsrvr.com             465

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