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  • GDM Organic

    The world of agriculture does have a lot of significant changes in its development, one of which is to improve and stabilize Indonesia's food security. There are a lot of steps from the government in realizing self-sufficiency in Indonesia, but the main problem in a change is not only a solution in finding certain techniques in food improvement. The problems faced by farmers and breeders are mostly during the planting and harvest seasons, for example dragon fruit farmers who focus on dragon fruit cultivation are of course paying attention to certain steps towards how to plant dragon fruit.


    When planting dragon fruit which is certainly needed in the process of planting with the right steps to produce the appropriate dragon fruit or quality results. Besides that, the use of organic liquid fertilizer is very much needed in the treatment of dragon fruit, so the results will have different quality and weight when harvesting dragon fruit. In addition, in the world of animal husbandry, some types of animals are bred like lovebird. For bird lovers, providing the best care as well as lovebird which is classified as a type of bird that has its own value. Also need to know how to lovebird livestock effectively, use organic supplements for effective and maximum lovebird treatment.

    Likewise with laying hens farms, of course laying hens are one of

     the most widely cultivated commodities 



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